1. Train - all of your staff on how to avoid the bad guys!
  2. Zero Trust – Allow no programs to run unless they have been checked, vetted, and approved.
  3. Backup – Make sure you have a backup of anything that you don’t want to use.

There it is, the basic recipe, now like any good cook there is always a secret sauce, in my case we do add multiple layers of additional security, but these are the basics.

The FBI just released its 2019 Internet Crime Report, and last year saw the highest reported Internet-enabled crimes a total of 467,361 complaints. That’s 1300 REPORTED per day and recorded losses of more than $3.5 billion (imagine how many did not say). The majority of those crimes started as a Business Email Compromise (BEC). While the spam filters are essential, the human filter is the most important! That’s why we train and test by sending test phishing emails, and I am still amazed that we trick people into clicking on things that they shouldn’t. The only difference with our test email is that it takes the person back to a two-minute refresher on Phishing Emails instead of encrypting all of the files.

I am taking a different stance on programs installed on Servers and Workstations. We do a complete audit of every application running and then lock the computer down and then take the position of “Zero Trust” of any programs that get installed or updated. Of course, with all of the programs that are installed on a computer, we can’t do that alone. So I have partnered with ThreatLocker and use their system to verify and manually approve any new programs.

The way I look at it, if a bad guy can’t install a malicious program or a virus, then your computer does not get infected. Just that simple.

Ransomware is Making Money – So, the bad guys are continually honing their craft. Even with all of the layers of protection, if you do get all of your company’s files encrypted and don’t want to pay the ransom, you have to be able to restore from backup. If you are backing up your files and folders only, the company will take much longer to restore than if you invest in a mirror image backup, which will help facilitate a much quicker recovery.

If you are in one of our three locations Knoxville TN, Greenville SC, or Charleston SC and have more than ten computers then CLICK HERE for a special gift and reach out to us, as the IT Department for our clients we help you with the training and all of the other layers to keep your business secure.