Homeland SecurityActually, it’s a Good Thing, I asked them to do it!

As a Managed Service Provider and the IT Department for our clients, we carry the keys to multiple companies' computer systems. And the Bad Guys Know It! I reached out to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency a part of Homeland Security and requested a weekly vulnerability penetration scan to see if they could break into my computer systems and find faults. Whew, they saw nothing – Perfect! I wasn't worried because I perform the same types of tests on myself and my clients, and we use a very secure Managed Firewall System, but there is nothing like having a second set of tests watching.
I've been trying to make my company less noticeable to the bad guys, I have removed all of my clients' company names from my website, and anonymized the testimonials that are posted. Of course, they are all real, and I provide the booklet during our get to know you client meetings.
CISA is now doing a weekly Cyber Hygiene Assessment for Cirrus IT Solutions and is verifying our own Cyber Security, and then they send me an automated report, last weeks report was 29 pages in total. I'm amazed at how thorough of a job they have done, here is a part of the Report Card that they send.

If you are looking for an IT Support company that takes Security Serious please reach out to us to discuss How we can help protect your company.